Fisher Men



Remember these?  I had so much fun with Fisher-Price Little People.  I’d love a massive clear fishbowl full of these on our coffee table.  The new ones aren’t nearly as cool.


Meet The Flockers



I love love love little flocked animal figurines.  Ever since I was three or four, I’ve secretly wanted to stockpile them.  The best ones were made by Josef Originals and were designed by Muriel Joseph George in California and Japan from 1945 to 1962.  She also made straight ceramic pieces but the furry ones were my favorites.

The company was sold to George Good in 1982 and he continued to make Josef Originals until 1985.  Good sold the brand to a larger conglomerate which put and end to the fuzzy menagerie within a few years.  You can still find the occasional great piece on ebay, usually around the holidays.  Some faves below.

Find Your Marbles


My eight-year-old son just got a bag of marbles and is uncharacteristically excited about them.  He asked me how to play, and I realized I had no idea.  How could I not know how to play marbles??? I grew up double-dutching on Queens asphalt and sitting on corner mailboxes, for heavens sake. Marbles is a sidewalk game, isn’t it?  I know every hopping, jumping, throwing, and hand-clapping game around.  Maybe marbles were for white kids on Long Island whose parents didn’t mind them “trading” their toys. Losing your stuff to other kids in a game wouldn’t go over too well in my house.

Anyway, I think marbles are awesome and it’s amazing to see my kids get into something so cool and old-school.  I recommend them for any kids you might have or know who think the world starts and ends at Warhawk.  Here are some instructions for those of you with similar backgrounds to mine…


Best girl toy ever. My dad got me mine on my seventh birthday.

My aspiring male florist, designer, and decorator friends found their comfort in these…

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Shape Shifting



I had two favorite toys growing up that I played with from my sixth birthday (when I got them) until I went to high school.

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