Syrupy sixties chanteuse France Gall was the quintessential face of Sixties French pop. The Serge Gainsbourg and Michel Berger collaborator released over 65 singles and twenty albums during her singing career. Though many see Gall as a purveyor of fast-food audio fare that met a steep decline, Gall was actually the guileless vehicle for Gainsbourg-written lyrical jokes, resulting in a string of hit singles with hidden meanings that sullied her image. Songs like “Les Sucettes” (about a girl eating lollipops) and Bonsoir John John (written to a deceased JFK and tinged with hints of necrophelia) caught her unawares and hurt the success of subsequent releases.

In my opinion, Galle was a confident style icon, blindly in love with her husband Michel Berger, and all too trusting in a world that traded on her brand of naivete.

My favorite song of hers was the Gainsbourg collaboration, “Laisse Tomber les Filles” (“Forget the girls”)… Read the rest of this entry »