Fair Game



What a great looking backgammon set!   I need to own this and play it in the summer on the patio while sipping mint lemonade.

Apparently based on The Royal Game of Ur, played in ancient Mesopotamia, backgammon look-a-like boards were also excavated from sixth and seventh century Indian ruins!  Will someone please teach me how this works so I can finally play this game?

Sonia Playstation


Not only is Sonia Rykiel‘s collection always one of my favorites (thanks to a certain someone,) but her Spring 2009 collection was ultra-inspired this time around. Yes, she had the usual cavalcade of brilliant costume confections, killer styling, and adorable models sporting the iconic Sonia frizzy ‘do … But this time the genius was added to by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Karl Lagerfeld, Martin Margiela, the Rodarte sisters, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Olivier Theyskens, who saluted the Parisian grande dame of knitwear on the 40th anniversary of her design house. Many took a cue from her iconic coif! The show, at the Park of Saint-Cloud in Paris, was a gift to Rykiel from her daughter Nathalie.

Lacoste is the one and only originator of the tennis (or polo) shirt which completely revolutionized athletic and casual clothing almost eighty years ago. It was created by tennis legend Jean René Lacoste (nicknamed “The Crocodile”) in 1929 and continues to be the world’s premier luxury tennis item, outfitting top tennis players around the world including America’s own Andy Roddick. This fall, Lacoste is launching their totally redesigned women’s polo, the PF170.

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Crossify Me!



I can’t believe this exists! Online crossword puzzles??? I am about to waste alot of time.

Jack Some Pollock


Holy Cow. Matt found THIS.

Click your mouse to change the color.

Parking Neater


Why can’t Americans ever come up with stuff like this? The entire building is a big automated parking machine. You just drive your car into the bay, and the bay rotates through the building to find the next open spot and maximize usage of space. Your parking ticket retrieves your car to the bottom bay and onto the rotating circle. The circle turns your car back around so you can drive straight out.

Not only would this save ridiculous amounts of time spent waking sleeping New York City parking attendants, but it would do away with all human contact, eliminating frustrated husband – attendant altercations that result in permanent banning from the lot for eternity. Ahem. Not that Matt and I would know anything about that.