Good Grief



Photographer Erwin Olaf has received a lot of attention for his Grief series.  These images of women in “grief-striken” moments are definitely striking.  But most of all I love his more beautiful, yet uncomfortably “inappropriate” work.  It actually makes me squirmy, in an interesting way.   The Mind of their Own series of portraits of children and adults with what appears to be Down’s Syndrome is riveting.  I also adore the Royal Blood collection and portraits of Slovaks in his ProductPhotography for Borek Sipek.  Matt, you will love the Mature images, I am sure.  Olaf’s work has been commissioned for big brands from Levi’s to Microsoft, and Nokia, but his personal work, of course, is his best.  Some of the nudes in on his site in the Chessmen and Squares series are definitely beyond my comfort zone but I have to stare at them anyway.

See his full body of work HERE.  Make sure to view the short films.  This is the man I want to direct my biopic.


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