Anatomic Bomb



I recently wrote about all the anatomically correct hearts I see everywhere. Well, Since then, I’ve come across some amazing anatomical artists.  I’m a huge fan of bio-illustration and have the requisite Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery: The Complete Coloured Plates of 1831-1854 on my shelf three feet away from me right now.  I can flip through this book for hours.  But while brilliant and beautiful medical illustrations may have sadly gone the way of the old fashioned letterpress, the strange minds it takes to deal in viscera are alive and well.

Here are some contemporary takes on anatomical art that make me feel just as appealingly unsettled.  

Above, balloons by Christopher Brach, a design student at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Below (L-R) 

Skeletal letters by Bjorg Johannson, Susan Kniffen‘s baby head bowl and tile, Anatomy of the Mouth from Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery, Musculature Tattoo by Luise Rimpler, and Swarovski Runway Rocks fashion show during London Jewelery Week.

Pics via Street Anatomy.


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