Sit 'n Spin



I’ve been sick over what to get my eldest kid for Christmas.  I just can’t stomach going into a store and uttering the words “Do you have WWE Smackdown vs. Raw for the PS3?”  It’s bad enough that I’m having to utter the equally cringe-inducing “Let me have two dollars on Mega Millions and a Win For Life scratch off” these days.

And then it hit me, as I read a hilarious Huffington Post piece about about 37% of Americans not being able to locate America on a map of America.  (A small exaggeration on the part of the author…but not really.)  A globe!  A great, old school globe!  It’s really the only gift every kid needs to receive at least once in their life.  And I promise, your $59.99 investments in this plastic ball will pay dividends over the equally-priced gaming cartridge.  No instruction manual needed.  Sit, spin, and use your imagination.  Remember that?

A great selection HERE.


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