My Heart's in Paris




So Matt is in Paris with his friend Steve working on a brilliant public art project entitled L’Attraction de la Boue. I am missing him terribly but the sheer genius of what he’s doing gives me solace when I think of him strolling amongst falling leaves and beautiful French girls in the most romantic city on the planet. Sort of.

An official bit about the project:

Steve Powers (aka ESPO) designed raincoats for Canal Street flyer touts in 2006 and rock stars and parking lot attendants in 2007. In honor of World Aids Day 2008, he and Matt Goias reach out to the ultimate nexus of entertainment and street life; Parisian Prostitutes. It’s a project Mr. Goias titled, “L’Attraction De La Boue” or the “Pull Of The Mud”, after a term the French use to describe the desire to patronize working girls.

In the week leading up to World Aids Day on December 1st, Mr. Powers and Mr. Goias will design and distribute raincoats to the street workers in the red light districts of Paris as a functioning metaphor of the protection we as a society should extend to those most at risk. Powers said of the project, “We strive to protect you from the elements in high fashion and function, from the slick yellow vinyl shell to the latex condoms in the pockets. It’s the most we can do.”

As a commemorative token from “L’Attraction De La Boue”, Goias has produced a limited run of custom hotel key cards that echo our yearning for escape and the search for physical and psychological safety. Led by the hospitality industry’s promise of manufactured comfort, the cards are symbolic of the ways we look for emotional shelter. They act as both a transient and a transformational item that helps unlock (and contain) a separate reality.

A limited edition run of 200 hotel keys will be signed by Matt and Steve and on sale at the inimitable Colette beginning December 1.

That’s my boy.



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