Jane Addiction


Much to Matt’s dismay I’ve been on a crazy Jane Austen tear lately. With fall around the corner, Austen’s achingly melancholy novels are perfect for getting in the mood for tweed, tassels, and lace.

I just devoured Persuasion and am wrapping up Sense and Sensibility. It’s amazing how you can fall in love with words when you read such perfectly constructed sentences dripping with grace. You can physically feel a different part of your brain working than the one you use when you read Us Weekly. It’s crazy. I’ll come across a sentence and read it two or three times just because it’s so beautifully and artfully composed.

Not all people feel the same was about Miss Austen. Matt would rather have his eyelashes pulled out one by one than read a chapter of Mansfield Park. Funny, somehow men don’t seem to cozy up to her – even Austen herself died an old maid.

I don’t care what they say, Pride and Prejudice here I come.

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