Precious Stone



I grew up in New York City and am one of those New Yorkers who prides themselves on knowing what every square block of this town looks and smells like.  You can imagine my shock when Matt led me down what I have come to think is the most beautiful street in this city – and one that I’d never heard of until last summer.

Stone Street.

The narrow, cobblestone alley first developed by Dutch colonists in the 1600’s is said to be the first paved street in the city of New York. This charming stretch has had quite a history and a slew of names including Hoogh Straet (while under Dutch ownership,) Duke Street (in honor of the Duke of York after the Dutch West India Company sold the property to the Europeans,) and finally dubbed Stone Street by politically self-determining New Yorkers in 1794.

These days Stone Street is lined with great old-school pubs and restaurants including the adorable Financier Cafe which has some of the best pastries in town.

Take a stroll and have a macaroon:

Financier Patisserie
62 Stone Street
(Between Mill Lane and Hanover Sq)
Downtown NYC



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