Oh My Yosh



I’ve had this internal battle about whether or not to write this post since we started this blog. Because it’s virtually impossible to find a fragrance that you love, let alone a scent that no one you know has ever worn I’ve kept my favorite perfume house a secret since I first discovered it.  However, in the interest of olfactory democracy, here it is.


Quite possibly the finest, most sublime palette of aromas ever created. According to perfumer Yosh Han, the the line aims to tap into your “aromascape” or the spectrum of scents that have enveloped you throughout your life. She approaches scent from a fascinating anthropological perspective, taking a variety of genetics, cultural references, psychological and emotional contexts, and climates into account when designing her line of fragrances. Each scent is specifically formulated to tap into a a unique combination of aromatic experiences and bottled in the most perfectly designed tiny decanter to look just as romantic on your dressed as it smells on your skin.

Apparently my favorite, Ginger Ciao, signals the ultimate heroine – daring, adventurous, and inspiring! Funny how that smells so good on me…



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