Bronze Metal


While I usually defer to Matt on all matters relating to wall hangings, I have to talk for a moment about my secret lowbrow obsession with Curtis Jere. Although the name may not jump out at you, you definitely know this stuff. It used to hang on the waiting room walls at the office of the progressive child psychologist your parents sent you to in the 80’s, above the piles of Highlights magazines. I loved to stare at his stuff then, and nothing has changed.

Made mostly from copper and bronze, his ridiculously-chic pieces can set you back a few hundred to a few thousand bucks. My favorite are his birds and starbursts, but i’ve recently fallen in love with a bunch of bikes and a psychotic looking owl of his. Jere’s made just about anything you can think of out of the perfectly tarnished bits of metal he loved. Check his stuff out on ebay, but make sure it’s get his classic “C. Jere” John Hancock on the back.


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