Royall Family


My guy smells good. Really, really good. He smells better than any other man that’s ever been in the same room with me. I swear. Aside from his ridiculously sexy pheromones, which must be (on some weird primal mating level) insanely compatible with mine, he wears the hottest cologne ever – Royall Lyme. I can’t quite describe it except to say that it smells like somewhere you want to be and a memory that you want to have, mixed with an afternoon romp in the sand. The top notes are gin-sipping, aristocratic-islander-in-cricket-whites, with base notes of drunen-domino-playing-on-the-sidewalk and late-night-reggae-party-in-the-yard. It’s also incredibly democratic. It smells good on my me, on the kids, and even on the dog. The packaging is perfect as well – a custom molded green glass bottle, original kraft paper wrapping, and a wax seal. There are other delicious scents in the Royall portfolio including Royall Bay Rhum, Royall Muske, and Royall Spice, but for the sexiest scent left on his pillowcase the next morning, Royall Lyme takes it.

Royall Lyme Bermuda Limited

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