Hot Wings


Four days before I was born, the Concorde touched down on U.S. soil for the first time ever. Growing up just 20 minutes from JFK with a struggling single mom who shared my bedroom, I’d lay in bed and listen to the 747’s taking off while I fantasized about the airplane rides in fancy clothes we’d one day take. My daydreaming vision of choice – Braniff, the magnificent burnt sienna ticket to paradise of the 60’s and 70’s. With Pucci and Halston designed uniforms, and the best art-directed ticket jackets you’ve ever seen, and an airplane with its own address (747 Braniff Place) that included six lounges, swivel chairs, and an hors d’ouevres buffet, Braniff was the only way to fly. A pioneer in artist collaborations, Braniff was the first to have designers create its uniforms, the first to have an artist (Alexander Calder) paint its jets, and the first to have a celebrity design its interiors. Then, in 1982, in line with the rest of its “first ever’s” Braniff became the first airline to file Chapter 11.

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